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Syncovery is a highly comprehensive backup and data synchronization application that covers nearly all known solutions and methods available in this field. The possibilities are endless, and they go from standard backing up and synchronization utilities for a wide variety of storage devices – both locally and on a network – to online backup and real-time synchronization.

The program has been designed to cover the needs of both the novice and expert users, or to put it differently, of those who simply need to create a backup copy of their most sensitive data and of those looking for versatile ways of keeping their networked and online information securely updated and stored. At local level, Syncovery supports any PC, notebook, external drive, mounted volume, and any other storage device you can think of. At network level, if offers you support for any server you can access via any of the standard protocols, such as FTP, SSH, or HTTP. Besides, it also allows you to synchronize and protect all your WebDAV, Amazon S3, Google Docs, and - since this new version - Amazon Glacier files and documents.

Though the program’s interface could use a slightly more attractive design, it serves the program’s purposes well. You can use either its wizard-like options or go into expert mode, depending on the complexity of your system and how confident you feel while moving around the plethora of features provided. Probably the easiest way of making the most of the program’s possibilities is to create your own backup and synchronization profiles and set them to perform their tasks at a regular basis. The program’s scheduler will help you to achieve this, keeping your drives updated at all times, even when you simply move one file or folder from one location to another.

Those of you looking for a high level of security can either make use of the program’s 256-bit AES encryption capabilities, or simply put your valuable data in a protected ZIP archive.

The list of features provided is too long to deal with in this review – all you need to know is that Syncovery can be as flexible and configurable as you need it to be, regardless of the complexity of your file system, the number of storage devices involved, and where they are located.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Wizard-like interface.
  • Comes with an advanced mode for expert users.
  • Supports most storage devices.
  • Allows you to compress and encrypt your data.
  • Folder Mode" now available for Windows.
  • Online backup capabilities.
  • Support for Amazon Glacier.


  • Dull interface.
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